The End
So there you have it.

Based upon the data provided in the tax returns,  the
Malibu Kiwanis Club's favorite charity appears to be the
Malibu Kiwanis Club.

What do the tax returns tell us?

  • Over the last three years less than 50% of profits were
    contributed to Malibu causes.

  • 51% of profits went to Management Fees.

  • Malibu Kiwanis Tax returns do not detail the
    beneficiaries of their contributions

  • No one has explained the $102,462 that was removed
    from the Kiwanis bank accounts.

  • As documented in the returns over the last three years
    (2007 to 2009) the Kiwanis Club has paid itself
    $172,737 in Management Fees and had $102,462
    disappear from their bank account for a grand total of
    $275,199.  That is $275,199 of Chili Cookoff profits that
    never got distributed to Malibu Schools or youth

Most of the Malibu Residents who have commented on
this issue expected that the Malibu Kiwanis Club ( a non-
profit that does not pay taxes) would be living up to the
standards maintained by the most reputable charities.

Do they live up to that standard?  You have the facts and
the source documents, so you can judge for yourself.
Kiwanis Club Of Malibu