Kiwanis Club Of Malibu
The Prime Movers

John Paola-- President, Resident of Simi Valley   
President 09 and 10

Salvatore Cirnigliaro--Treasurer,  Resident of Agoura Hills
President 06/07/08

The Kiwanis Club of Malibu Books are kept in Agoura Hills by
Salvatore's wife.

John and Sal prepare and sign tax returns and are the Kiwanis
members signing the application for the Chili Cook-off TUP.

There are Malibu members, but they do not appear to be active
in the financial activities of this club.
Kiwanis Club Of Malibu
How much profit does the Chili Cook-off
actually generate?
Kiwanis International  is a global organization of volunteers
dedicated to changing the world, one child and one
community at a time. These volunteers engage in a number
of different activities to raise money for contributions back
to the local community.

Here in Malibu the Kiwanis club has been running the Chili
Cook-off for some 28 years.  The current leaders of the
Malibu Kiwanis have run the Chili Cook-off for the last three

Is the local organization living up to the standard set by  
Kiwanis  International ?  Lets find out.

We can start by  getting to know the folks currently running
the Malibu Kiwanis Club