About this Website.
A recent review of the tax returns for the Malibu Kiwanis
Club disclosed a number of troubling items. Th
is website
will provide you with an overview of the issues of greatest

For years Malibu Residents believed that all the profits
from the Chili Cook-off were used to support schools and
youth organizations within Malibu. Today it appears that  
this is no longer true.

Our review disclosed that over the last three years
than 50%
 of the  profit from the Kiwanis Chili Cook-off
event actually gets distributed out to Malibu schools or
youth organizations.

As per the filed tax returns,  the bulk of the profits from the
Chili Cook-off event are spent by the principals of the
Malibu Kiwanis Club on something called “Management
Fees”.  Per the IRS, "Management fees usually includes the
salaries and expenses of the organization’s  chief executive
officer and his or her staff".
 All in all there is some
$275,000  of Malibu Kiwanis distributions that raise red
These distributions, plus other items, are outlined
within this site.

The materials presented in this website were taken directly
from the tax returns  filed by the Malibu Kiwanis  Club. You
can confirm the accuracy of the data by comparing it to the
actual tax returns.

Copies of these filed returns are available by clicking on
the tax return links on the  left hand side of this page.   If
you have a problem downloading them  send a request  
via the contact page on the website  and they will be
emailed to you.

You are encouraged to look at the returns and draw your
own conclusions. If you have any questions, or concerns,
let me know.
Malibu Kiwanis Club